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All the Brands Trial Pack

This pack includes a few different styles and brands of nappies so you can get started using cloth nappies and see what works best for you and your baby before buying more. It includes: 

    • 1x Clever Wee Fox Pocket Nappy with snap or velcro closure
    • 1x Bamboo Cotton Insert
    • 1x Hemp Cotton Insert
    • 1x Chuckles Prima Normal Size Nappy
    • 1x Bare Cub AIO or AI2 by Baby Bare
    • 1x Ecobots Pre-folds Cotton or Bamboo Cotton
    • 1x Snappi Nappy Fastener
    • 1x Large Wet Bag
    • 1x Nappy Care Card to get you started


Please note: There is a limit of 1 Pack per person.