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Bare Cub PUL
Bare Cub PUL
Bare Cub PUL
Bare Cub PUL

Bare Cub PUL

Baby Bare

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Bare Cub Nappies were the Runner Up/Silver Medal Winner for Favourite All in One and All in Two nappy in the 2016 & 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards in Australia.


This cloth nappy has a waterproof PUL outer and microsuede lining. With three rows of adjustable snaps, this nappy will fit from birth to toilet training. It is the same as the Bare Cub (minky) with the exception of the outer fabric being a smooth polyester rather than a plush minky. 

The Bare Cub (PUL) comes in two varieties:

Onesie (AIO)

  • All in one style, so the nappy requires no assembly and is all one piece.
  • This nappy teams a thirsty pad of sewn in microfibre with a 3 layer bamboo 'flap' that folds out for easy drying.
  • The nappy is lined with microsuede so your baby feels dry.
  • For newborns, fold the flap into the bottom to have a great fit from birth to toilet training.
  • For night time, add a bamboo trifold night booster in under the bamboo flap.

Snap-in All in two style (AI2)

  • The nappy comes with three pieces (cover, snap in insert & booster).
  • Absorbency is 100% bamboo fabric. The fleece used in these nappies is 450GSM Bamboo Fleece making it very absorbent.
  • The nappy is lined with microsuede so your baby feels dry.
  • The snap-in style has a pocket opening in the back of the nappy to enable boosting for night time, making this a versatile and functional nappy. Simply add a booster to the pocket for night time use.
  • For newborns, simply use one insert to create a slim fitting nappy that will fit from 3.5 kg. You can achieve extra nappy changes by using the extra bamboo booster on its own when your baby is small.
  • The elastics have been top-stiched to prevent rolling and make it easy to put the nappy on your child.

Simply add a tri-fold night booster to convert the Bare Cub into a brilliant overnight cloth nappy.

Purchase additional inserts here: 

The tabs have three snaps to stop wing droop. The nappy is a trim fit so it fits perfectly under clothes. Learn more about fitting here.

You can see the AIO demonstration or AI2 Demonstration on the Baby Bare YouTube Channel.

If you'd like help comparing the difference between these nappies there is a video demonstration available which will show each nappy visually and help you see the benefits of each style!