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Clever Wee Bundles

Clever Wee Bundles

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LIMITED TIME OFFER - available from 8pm Friday until 10pm Sunday or sold out!! 5th - 7th of March 2021.

Remember going to the fair as a kid and the excitement of getting a lucky dip? Well think of this as the eco-friendly parent's version.

What will you get in your Clever Wee Bundle? 
Each bundle will be different, but will include at least one modern cloth nappy from the range of nappy brands we stock, plus some other awesome products from our online store. This way you get an awesome surprise for yourself or a friend, and might even get to try something new! 

What are the Bundle options?
We have a limited number of bundles available and have broken them down into 'girly', 'boyish' and 'unisex' options to help you choose the best option suited to your taste - although we acknowledge that boys can wear pink and girls can wear blue, etc.

We also have newborn bundles which will include items specifically for newborns & new parents and will include either a newborn sized nappy or trim osfm nappy.

You can choose either a $50, $75 or $100 bundle to suit your budget, but each bundle's value will be worth more than the price you pay.

Please note: we will not be accepting requests for specific prints or products, nor will we allow refunds or returns for items you don't want - our general terms and conditions still apply. If there's an item you already have or don't need, you can always gift it on or swap it with a friend. We're sure you'll love what you get though.