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Hanging Wet Bags/Pail Liners
Hanging Wet Bags/Pail Liners
Hanging Wet Bags/Pail Liners

Hanging Wet Bags/Pail Liners

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Wet bags - the perfect alternative to plastic bags! 


These huge wet bags are approx 62cm long by 44cm wide with a black handle. They feature 2 zippered compartments so you can keep your wet and dry items separate.

These particular wet bags are perfect for storing dirty cloth nappies in at daycare or in your laundry - just tip the bag and it's contents all in the washing machine when you're ready to wash them. 


What is a wet bag? 
A wet bag is a waterproof bag made from PUL fabric which can be washed in the machine along with your clothes. 

Wet bags are so handy and can be used for so many things. For example...

  • To put dirty kindy/school clothes in
  • To store dirty cloth (or disposable) nappies
  • As a swim bag
  • As a travel bag for your toiletries or laundry items 
  • As beach bag
  • As a gym clothes bag

The list is endless!

Note: While they are waterproof, it is recommended that you squeeze out excess water from togs, etc that you put in them as the moisture can seep through the seams if overloaded.

Washing Instructions: Empty contents. Cold/Warm wash the wet bag in no more than 40 degrees with non-bio powder. Do not tumble dry. 

Please note: The pictures displayed may look different due to camera & computer lighting variations and prints may be orientated slightly different due to where the fabric has been cut and sewn.