Pre-flat NEWBORN Modal - Mulberry

Pre-flat NEWBORN Modal - Mulberry
Pre-flat NEWBORN Modal - Mulberry
Pre-flat NEWBORN Modal - Mulberry

Pre-flat NEWBORN Modal - Mulberry

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3 layered modal pre-flat Mulberry (yes 3 layers) + PLUS an insert (bamboo terry with stay dry layer)
93% Modal and 7% Spandex

3 layers of super absorbent bamboo terry, with a stay dry layer to keep those newborn butts dry and rash free (winner winner chicken dinner).

Why modal?
Modal is butter soft (imagine fluffy kittens but without the fuzz), super absorbent (50% more absorbent than cotton), lightweight, breathable, colour fast and less prone to shrinking. Also great for the environment since it uses 10-20 times less water than cotton during production (high five emoji).

Why pre-flat?
Nine absorbent layers when folded (12 when you include the insert). 4 way stretch makes fitting a breeze. Trim, trim, trim! Super fast drying (freakin amazing in winter), simple to use and forgiving to wash (if you have night nappy ammonia buildup – try these!). Snug fit around the legs helps contain those newborn poonami’s!

OKEO-tex 100 certified (so free from nasty chemicals!). Ethically made. Pre-flats have been around for donkeys… but these ones were designed by Little Butt Kind.

Do not use bleach on me! I will lose my colour. Use the 90 degree method on the clean cloth nappies website if you need to do a sanitise. 

I’m absorbent not waterproof
Hold me tight with a snappi, or nappy pin, or master the stretch and tuck method! Then cover me with something waterproof like a PUL, TPU or wooly cover.

Care for me but I’m just a nappy.. what’s the worst that can happen!

Colourfastness- modal is meant to be “colour fast” but i have discovered why most nappy inserts are white !! Overtime, i can get discolouration patches (they are quite light) from all the washing but if this happens in the first 3 months, please get in touch with me!

Dryer – I pill pretty fast if you put me in the dryer but overtime the pills fall off and i go back to looking pill-less (not a word) but awesome. Its like the purging phase of the clarisonic (any other youtube beauty junkies out there). BUT I dry really fast by chucking me on the line,  throwing me in front of the fire/heat pump or sticking me in the hot water cupboard.

Holes – because this fabric is so soft, overtime it can get holes from those darn snappies (rough fabric tends to be a bit stronger but who wants that against your babies bums). If this happens within the first month we would love to hear from you. This doesn’t affect the usage whatsoever – but everyone knows that new jersey feels when you spill tomato sauce down your front (or is that just me?) and we would hate for that to happen to you.

Wash me
Pre-wash. Wash. Dry. Wear. Repeat!
Pre-wash and wash in 40-60 degree temperatures. Dry me. putt me on a little butt! Repeat.

We love the clean cloth nappies website – some really clever people, doing really clever things in the cloth nappy washing space (who knew that was a thing). But they have help me and so many others successfully make the switch (cue applause).

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