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Teddy Bare Minky
Teddy Bare Minky
Teddy Bare Minky
Teddy Bare Minky
Teddy Bare Minky

Teddy Bare Minky

Baby Bare

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The Teddy Bare is a side snapping nappy. Perfect for bigger babies and parents who want to avoid rise snaps. It fits from approx 4-17kg.

The Teddy Bare features:

  • A 10cm x 65cm long insert that folds to fit in the nappy. It is made of 3 layers of 450GSM bamboo fleece (See image in photos). The insert can also be used in the Bare Cub AI2 nappy.
  • Snaps to the sides rather then across the front.
  • Has a double row of snaps allowing more options to fit the nappy to the thighs and waist.
  • Is a trim fitting nappy suitable from approximately 4kg - 17kg (toilet training).
  • Features tummy elastic to prevent gaping across the front and to prevent the front tabs protruding.
  • Comes with a 65cm insert, topped with suede cloth to keep baby feeling dry. This insert can be folded to adjust to the size of your child and to customise the absorbency where it is needed most.
  • One foldable insert makes this nappy easy to use as it is only a two piece system.
  • Can be boosted with the addition of a Baby Bare night booster.
  • Available in either a fluffy minky cover or PUL cover where stated.

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