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Trial Packs
Trial Packs
Trial Packs

Trial Packs

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If you're keen to give cloth nappies a go but you're not sure where to start, then a trial pack is just the thing for you!

We have included a few different brands and styles of nappies so you can give them a go and see what works best for you and your baby.

There are 3 packs available consisting of a mix of AIO (all in one) nappies, AI2 (all in two) nappies, side snapping nappies, and pocket nappies with both snaps and velcro closures and a variety of inserts. If you're not sure which pack to get, don't worry, they're all great, but you're welcome to contact me for a personal recommendation. The main difference is which of the below nappies are included.....

Teddy Bare Nappies: these are side snapping nappies rather than front snapping like all our other nappies and are especially great for chubby babies due to their side snapping design and extra elastic at the front of the nappy - that's not to say they aren't great for smaller babies too. 

Bare Cub AIO: these AIO or 'all in one' nappies are great for parents who are new to using cloth nappies as they are super simple - the nappy comes in 1 piece as the insert is sewn into place on the nappy. Easy peasy! 

Bare Cub AI2: these AI2 or 'all in two' nappies are similar to the above, only the inserts aren't sewn onto the nappy, instead the rectangular booster sits either in the pocket or on the nappy and the hourglass insert snaps into place on the nappy. If the nappy hasn't been soiled in, then you can often reuse the cover and just replace the inserts, saving yourself money on covers. 


Don't be disheartened if a particular nappy style doesn't fit as well on your baby as you expected - every baby is a different shape and size and what works well for one person may not for another. That being said, I'd definitely recommend holding on to any nappies that don't fit well for a few weeks and try them again later. You may find that as your baby grows, what didn't fit so well before fits great later. 

Each trial pack includes a mix of random prints - if you'd like any particular prints, please pop a comment in at the checkout. We will do our best to include the prints you request, however they are subject to stock availability. You can view all the options here

If you purchase a trial pack from Clever Wee Fox, you will also receive my assistance should you have any questions about using cloth nappies. You may also like to join the Clever Wee Fox VIP facebook group where you can ask advice from other parents, share tips and pics, and get exclusive access to Clever Wee Fox products and competitions. 


Our trial packs require manual confirmation - you will be refunded should your selected pack not be available. 

 Limited to 1 trial pack per customer.