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Pocket Nappies - Velcro

Pocket Nappies - Velcro

Clever Wee Fox

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What is a pocket nappy? A pocket nappy is a nappy with a waterproof PUL outer layer and a microsuede lining with a gap (aka pocket) in the back for popping the inserts into. 

Velcro nappies are probably the easiest cloth nappies to use as they're so similar to using disposables and are perfect for wriggly babies who need a quick nappy change. 

These pocket nappies are a one size fits most and are suitable for babies and toddlers approximately 5kg-15kg. The velcro waist and tabs allow the size to be adjusted to suit that of your baby very easily along with the "rise snaps" which are rows of domes on the front of the nappy which allow you to make the nappy smaller as needed. These nappies feature washing tabs to reduce the chance of the velcro catching on other items in the wash.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pocket nappy shell only - you will need to purchase your choice of absorbent inserts by clicking here

You can use the pocket nappies by putting an insert into the pocket of the nappy or simply laying the insert on the inside of the nappy and using it as a cover. 

Outer layer: Waterproof and breathable PUL.
Inner layer: Suede cloth - liquid passes through this layer and into the insert. 


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