About Fluffy Ducks

Fluffy Ducks are made with the most adventurous baby in mind, with a signature trim-fit and gorgeous prints, our nappies are made to fit most and suitable to use from newborn (approx 3 kg) right through to toilet training (approx 17 kg). With easy use snaps, you’re sure to find a great fit at any age. 

Our nappies have been lovingly designed by a New Zealand Cloth Mum for her boys, so you can be assured they are fit for purpose. 

Our nappies have a silky soft suede cloth inner lining allowing moisture to pass through and drawn away from baby’s skin, keeping them dry and comfortable & rashes to an absolute minimum. The PUL (polyurethane laminate) is a waterproof layer so no need for the extra cover.  

Each nappy comes with two super-thirsty, super soft, 6 layer bamboo inserts that can be customized to provide a variety of boosting options from newborn to toddler. With snaps on the inserts and a pocket opening in the back, our nappies can be used as Ai2 or pocket nappies to suit your needs.  

Fluffy Ducks nappies should be changed every 2-4 hours for comfort and hygiene.  

Not only are Fluffy Ducks simply gorgeous, they are great for the environment too! Made with the quality materials, designed and 100% New Zealand owned. 

Our copyright design including the shape of the nappy and our inserts are Fluffy Ducks intellectual property and as such cannot be copied or reproduced without permission.