Snappi Nappy Fasteners

Snappi Nappy Fasteners

Snappi Nappy Fasteners

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Snappi nappy fasteners are the easy way to fasten your cloth nappies. The plastic teeth grip the fibres of the nappy and help to keep in in place. Great for use with pre-fold and terry nappies.

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No need for safety pins with these snappi nappy fasteners.

Also known as nappi nippas our snappi nappy fasteners are an essential cloth nappy accessory.  Easy to use, and a great way to fasten your cloth nappies.

To use simply hook left, hook right and then hook in the centre of the nappy.  Ensures a great fit for your nappies, and will help hold in the most violent poo explosions. Especially handy for newborn blowouts, and older wiggly children. 

The perfect partner for prefold nappies

Snappi nappy fasteners work well on most fabrics, particularly cotton.  Great on prefolds, and other reusable nappies that need a cover.  These handy nappy fasteners hold cloth nappies in place on even the wiggliest baby and help prevent leaks and poo blow-outs.  Snappi nappy fasteners give an extra level of protection, as they hold the nappy firmly in place so that in many cases the mess won’t get on the outer cover, helping to keep it clean for longer.  For babies who have really violent motions (as many newborns do) using a snappi is a better option than just pad folding a pre-fold nappy into your cover.

Safe for your baby

Snappi nappy fasteners are safer than traditional nappy pins, as you are less likely to prick your little one when changing their nappy.  The bright colours make them easy to spot, and these fasteners can be washed clean in a little warm soapy water.


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