Breast Pad Reviews

"Your reusable breast pads are hands down the best I have tried, super absorbent and lovely prints."


"Just ordered my second lot of reusable breast pads to add to my stash. I'm a bit of a Jersey cow😂 and not once have I had a leak. I was doing half reusable, half disposable (a box a week at $9) - but the waste was still a lot, a bag full of breast pads weekly in the trash and the cost of them adds up.
I love these reusables; I'm doing my bit for the environment AND it's cost effective.
Great customer service, great product! Thank you, another happy customer ❤️"


"The quality of your breast pads are amazing! I've never been one to use them but I'll never buy disposable again, also I found a few more I was given with my first baby but they are such poor quality and my top is wet in under 12 hours. Yours I can go 24 hours and even then I'm not leaking I only change them cause well its been a day 😂 I'm gonna get some more from you on payday."


"Washable reusable and comfortable nursing inserts best investment ever! Very affordable and would recommend to all  a lot softer and nicer than disposable ones!"