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Wool Covers

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Wool covers are a wonderful, natural alternative to PUL covers and go well over flat or fitted nappies.

Wool’s natural properties are amazing. Its surface repels water while the inner core can absorb about one third of its weight in water and still feel reasonably dry. As well as its insulating quality that keeps baby warm in winter and cool in summer, wool also allows air circulation which reduces the chances of nappy rash. We have used Gotland fleece which is known for its non-itch quality. 

As a renewable resource that is 100% biodegradable, wool is incredibly eco-friendly. The wool for these covers has been shorn, carded, spun, dyed and knitted right here in NZ which means that they have the lowest possible carbon footprint. All dyes used are food-safe and completely non-toxic (Silver Grey and Charcoal are natural undyed colors). 
Please note: as the wool is hand-dyed, there may be some variation in the color and it may run slightly when washed. 

As an added bonus, $20 from each sale goes to development projects in Myanmar. To find out more about these projects click here. 

This style of wool cover has been made exclusively for Clever Wee Fox.


  • Double-thickness leg cuffs and waist bands for a good seal and a snug fit
  • Adjustable waist band
  • Plenty of natural stretch to fit a wide size range - often even longer than the size range we've given


6-12 Months:
Width: approx. 48cm around the hips (when laid flat)
Rise: approx. 52cm with waist folded or 64cm unfolded (front and back rise)
Leg cuff: approx. 28cm 

12-24 Months:
Width: approx. 54cm around the hips (when laid flat)
Rise: approx. 58cm with waist folded or 70cm unfolded (front and back rise)
Leg cuff: approx. 32cm 


You can use this wool cover as is, however lanolizing is recommended for prolonging the life of your cover. Lanolin is a natural wax produced by sheep to protect their skin and wool from the environment. It hinders bacterial growth, has natural odor fighting properties and protects wool's unique qualities including moisture regulation. 

Instructions on how to lanolize it can be found here. 

Click here to purchase some lanolin.


Your wool cover is very low maintenance - after use, simply air it out during the day so its ready to use again at night. It will need to be washed every 3-4 weeks or so, or if soiled or getting smelly. Use a special wool wash detergent and hand wash with lukewarm water. Be gentle with the cover while wet - lay it flat to dry. Once clean, its ready to lanolize again. 

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