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*NEW* Inserts
*NEW* Inserts
*NEW* Inserts

*NEW* Inserts

Clever Wee Fox

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These are our new & improved inserts made from pre-shrunk fabric. 

Our favorite inserts - SUPER absorbent, soft and not too bulky. They pair well together with the hemp on the bottom and the bamboo on top for the best combination. 

Bamboo Cotton Inserts:
These inserts have 4 layers of 340gsm bamboo cotton fabric (comprised of 70% bamboo & 30% cotton) and make for a soft, yet very absorbent insert. They are approximately 13cm wide by 35cm long.
They can be used on their own for young babies and toddlers or doubled up with a second insert for heavy wetters and older toddlers. 

Hemp Cotton Inserts:
These inserts have 4 layers of 340gsm hemp cotton fabric (comprised of 55% hemp & 45% cotton) and are very absorbent. They are approximately 13cm wide by 35cm long.
While hemp is extremely absorbent, it absorbs slower than most other fabrics and therefore isn't recommended to be used on it's own as it may not absorb wees fast enough. It pairs well with bamboo cotton, bamboo terry, or microfiber on top. 

Tip:  It is totally normal for natural fibre inserts such as bamboo, cotton and hemp to shrink in the wash, however these are made from pre-shrunk fabrics so the shrinkage should be minimal. While they're still wet, pull them gently back into shape before drying to help reduce shrinkage.